Site Updates

I done did it

I’m experimenting with WordPress multisite as an alternative to the deprecated fanlisting scripts that are in existence at the moment.

There are still a lot of bugs and not all of my sites are even set up properly.

So I appreciate your patience. I plan to announce it formally on the TFL message board once everything is running smoothly. There’s a lot to do!

In the meantime, leave me a comment if you’re having issues. You probably caught me in the middle of something!

Site Updates

Hello world!

Welcome to Trollop & Apple. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of under construction dust in here.

Within the past few days, I realized that Enthusiast has become obsolete with the new generation of PHP. There is an option to rollback. For the safety of my server, I’ve decided against moving forward with that option.

I’m going to be switching to BellaBuffs for ALL of my fanlistings. What a to-do that will be! Mainly because I can’t find the Enthusiast to BellaBuffs script, haha. But that’s okay. The only option is to do it manually, and I’m not about that life!

It’s funny how we’ve all advanced as far as web design goes but fanlisting maintenance has not. I don’t know how to feel about that. Nostalgic, maybe? Sad, in a way too. Maintaining those scripts are taking away from paying jobs. I respect that. I only wish there was an alternative.