Site Updates

Cleaning house

Turns out that there were a TON of dead links that I ported over from Enthusiast.

Having a link checker plugin is handy!

So many fanlistings have come and gone. I used some of them to apply for kill-fors, so… let’s hope it works out, haha.

And welcome Chrisie – whom I entrusted to adopt quite a few of my old listings from Banging Tune – as my newest affiliate! <3

Site Updates

Whew, I did it

It took me a few hours of straight up copying and pasting but I’ve got all the joined links from Enthusiast here in WordPress now.

I’ve gone cross-eyed, haha.

I also have a broken link checker plugin to notify me if the link needs attention. That is going to go SO FAR to help me maintain my joined listings.

I also applied for a kill-for. I hope I get it. Wish me luck.

Anyways, if you’re reading this, hi, hello, please join my fanlistings!