Tiny updates

Just posted no new fan updates to all the relevant listings. I also added Amazon shops to those listings that didn’t have one before. For some reason, my original Amazon affiliate links weren’t showing up properly. I feel really dumb because even though I don’t make a gang of money to support these sites, every […]

Save Brendan!

And join his brand-new shiny fanlisting. Always seeking fans and affiliates.

2 more!

Submitted the Finished forms for Kehlani and Sam Cooke. Come join! Affiliate with me!


I’m in the process of sending the Finished forms for: DuckTales (2017) Dumbo (1941) Futurama Phineas & Ferb Up But I’ll start accepting fans and affiliates while I wait for the links to be posted. Come and check your favorites out!

5 more approvals!11!!!

All animation: Phineas and Ferb, Futurama, DuckTales (2017), Up, and Dumbo (1941). I promise to love and cherish them like I already do.

3 new listings!

Whew, I’m a fanlisting demon, getting them all up in a reasonable amount of time, haha. Daft Punk Little Princess, A Tron: Legacy Just waiting on them to be officially listed on TFL, but come and join! Looking for fans and affiliates.


I got approvals for 2 kill-for fanlistings. Tron: Legacy and A Little Princess (1995). This is major for me. I’ve loved these two subjects for many, MANY years. I’m over the moon, and already working on getting everything up. Stay tuned!

Cleaned out the links

TFL came back up, so I was able to do a proper link cleansing. It’s so nice to see my Joined listings all cleaned up and purty.

Cleaning house

Turns out that there were a TON of dead links that I ported over from Enthusiast. Having a link checker plugin is handy! So many fanlistings have come and gone. I used some of them to apply for kill-fors, so… let’s hope it works out, haha. And welcome Chrisie – whom I entrusted to adopt […]

Whew, I did it

It took me a few hours of straight up copying and pasting but I’ve got all the joined links from Enthusiast here in WordPress now. I’ve gone cross-eyed, haha. I also have a broken link checker plugin to notify me if the link needs attention. That is going to go SO FAR to help me […]