July, 2019


I got approvals for 2 kill-for fanlistings. Tron: Legacy and A Little Princess (1995).

This is major for me. I’ve loved these two subjects for many, MANY years.

I’m over the moon, and already working on getting everything up.

Stay tuned!

Cleaned out the links

TFL came back up, so I was able to do a proper link cleansing. It’s so nice to see my Joined listings all cleaned up and purty.

Cleaning house

Turns out that there were a TON of dead links that I ported over from Enthusiast.

Having a link checker plugin is handy!

So many fanlistings have come and gone. I used some of them to apply for kill-fors, so… let’s hope it works out, haha.

And welcome Chrisie – whom I entrusted to adopt quite a few of my old listings from Banging Tune – as my newest affiliate! <3

Whew, I did it

It took me a few hours of straight up copying and pasting but I’ve got all the joined links from Enthusiast here in WordPress now.

I’ve gone cross-eyed, haha.

I also have a broken link checker plugin to notify me if the link needs attention. That is going to go SO FAR to help me maintain my joined listings.

I also applied for a kill-for. I hope I get it. Wish me luck.

Anyways, if you’re reading this, hi, hello, please join my fanlistings!

By god, I think I’ve got it!

Okay, I didn’t realize that I was pretty much done getting everything sorted out on the content side of things. All the sites are ready to go.

I’m going to do one more once over to make sure everything is showing up like it’s supposed to.

Then I’ll get to work on adding my joined listings to the blogroll here on T&A.

Shhh… I’ve got a secret…

I’m so excited to start accepting fans for the Pokemon fanlisting that I’m telling you about it here. Nowhere else.

I think there may be a miscommunication with TAFL because they haven’t added my link on the site yet. I contacted them again, so I’m hoping for the best.

But please, feel free to join, if you’re so inclined. I hope you are!

I done did it

I’m experimenting with WordPress multisite as an alternative to the deprecated fanlisting scripts that are in existence at the moment.

There are still a lot of bugs and not all of my sites are even set up properly.

So I appreciate your patience. I plan to announce it formally on the TFL message board once everything is running smoothly. There’s a lot to do!

In the meantime, leave me a comment if you’re having issues. You probably caught me in the middle of something!

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